Workstream 3 in progress

The 2nd Working Group meeting of Workstream 3 is just around the corner. The experts will meet from 14th – 16th May 2017 in Vienna, to discuss the...


Final sprint for Workstream 2

From 12 – 14 March the Working Group met for the third time within the framework of Workstream 2 in Vienna to finalise the model agreement for married...


Third Working Group Meeting of Workstream 2 will take place in Vienna

The 3rd Working Group meeting of the 2nd Workstream, dealing with substantive law issues, will take place from 12th - 14th March 2017.


The 2nd Working Group Meeting of Workstream 2 was successfully concluded in Vienna last weekend.


Meeting of the ELI Project 'Empowering European Families' in Vienna

On 19-20 January 2017, the second meeting of Workstream 2 of the ELI project 'Empowering European Families' was held in Vienna at the ELI Secretariat.


The 1st Working Group meeting of Workstream 3 was successfully concluded

The experts of the Working Group met in Utrecht to proceed with their work on the Empowering European Families project, which will be reaching its...