Announcement of the Public Workshop for Workstream 2


The second public workshop of the project, Empowering European Families, will take place on Tuesday, 20th June 2017 in Utrecht. The aim is to present to a broader public the results which the expert Working Group has been able to produce within Workstream 2 of the project.

The project, Empowering European Families, is making fast progress. At the last meeting of Workstream 2, which took place from 12th- 14th March this year in Vienna, the legal experts of the Working Group were able to draft two model agreements for married couples on substantive law issues. They also agreed on an accompanying table which shall depict the most important information on substantive law issues to be considered in concluding such an agreement and indicate, at a glance, the choices parties have under the different legal systems within the European Union. The final Working Group meeting within the framework of Workstream 2 will be combined with an Advisory Committee meeting on 19th June 2017 in Utrecht. Here the results will be discussed, revised and completed. The draft of a similar agreement for registered partners is also on the agenda. The outcome will then be presented to the public at the public workshop on the following day. The workshop will deal with substantive law issues on matrimonial property, maintenance, pension rights as well as family home which will be discussed and presented by some high-ranking expert panel speakers.

If you would like to attend this event, we would ask you to register at the Molengraaff Institute ( to Mrs Wijnans, mentioning your name and organisation, and 20 June EEF. At the beginning of June, you will receive a programme and some practical information.

The Empowering European Families’ team is looking forward to welcoming the interested public to this workshop and to receiving some valuable input on the results of the project.