EEF’s final consultative meeting


The Empowering European Families project is drawing to a close and a final consultative meeting with selected Working Group and Advisory Committee members took place from 25th- 27th April 2018 in Vienna.

The final consultative meeting served the purpose of discussing and evaluating the outputs and effects of the project, developing dissemination strategies and elaborating policy making suggestions to the European Commission. Final changes were made to the draft agreements for married couples and registered partnerships – the three sets of template agreements have been merged into one consolidated version for marriages and registered partnerships respectively. These, as being the main output of the project, are aimed to be made accessible to couples with a cross-border element throughout the European Union whenever a marriage is concluded or a partnership is registered.

Whilst the editorial team is now eagerly working on preparing all country reports of Workstreams 1 to 3 for the EEF publication, the project coordinators, Wendy Schrama and Christiane Wendehorst, are presenting the impact of the project to National Ministries and international companies across Europe – so the Empowering European Families project and the ways it can help international couples and legal professionals will become clear.

The project will be completed by the end of May when all results will be presented to the European Commission – the publication of the output is foreseen to follow later this year.