Final sprint for Workstream 2


From 12 – 14 March the Working Group met for the third time within the framework of Workstream 2 in Vienna to finalise the model agreement for married couples on substantive law issues.

The finalisation of the document was the outcome of a fruitful meeting which contained intense discussions on various topics, such as the best approach to be taken and details to be included. The experts of the Working Group managed to provide a solid agreement which should be enforceable in most Member States.

At the next Working Group meeting of Workstream 2, which will take place in Utrecht in mid-June and will be combined with an Advisory Committee meeting and a public workshop, the Working Group aims to draft a similar agreement for registered partners as well to provide tables on the most important information regarding substantive laws that parties may need when concluding these specific agreements. The outcome should then be presented at the subsequent public workshop.

However, even before this, the members of the Working Group will meet yet again in Vienna from 14 - 16 May for the purpose of Workstream 3 and will start to draft a first template for informal relationships.