Final Workstream 1 meeting successfully concluded


From 6 - 8 November, the Working Group of Workstream 1 met for the last time in Utrecht. The aim of the meeting was to finalise the draft information sheet for married couples, review the model agreement for marriages as well as to prepare similar documents for registered partners.

The expert team for Workstream 1 met for a very intense and fruitful working meeting in Utrecht focusing for the last time on the private international law aspects of family-related disputes. Professor Anne Barlow from the University of Exeter, Kerstin Bartsch, Senior Legal Officer at the Hague Conference on Private International Law, Professor Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg from Uppsala University, Eve Põtter, Legal Adviser to the Estonian Chamber of Notaries, Professor Matthias Neumayr from Salzburg University, who is also a judge at the Austrian Supreme Court as well as the two project coordinators, Professor Wendy Schrama and Professor Christiane Wendehorst concentrated on finalising the model agreements for married couples and registered partners listing options of choice of court and choice of applicable law. The aim is to facilitate the dissemination of information for inter EU cross-border relationships and reduce complexity by offering the parties possibilities to choose. The Working Group managed to effectively produce these documents in intense discussions after a comparative analysis of the options provided by EU private international law, and as far as applicable, by national conflict rules. The results will be accessible to the broad public by the end of the project. 


The next meeting will take place from the 14 – 16 December in Utrecht and will be the first Working Group meeting of Workstream 3. It will mainly focus on model cohabitation contracts for informal relationships, which should be enforceable in as many Member States as possible.



The Working Group at the 4th meeting of Workstream 1