Public Workshop in Vienna


On 14 June the Working Group presented the interim results of the project at the Public Workshop entitled “Choice of law and choice of court for family related disputes” in Vienna.

The project was presented to the participants by Christiane Wendehorst and Wendy Schrama, two of the three project leaders. A representative of the EU Commission, Wolfgang Bogensberger, introduced the most recent legislative developments in the area of Family Law on the EU level.

Other esteemed European experts in the field of international private and family law discussed topical issues such as the law and jurisdiction applicable to divorce and legal separation as well as to property relations, maintenance and pension rights. Professor Bea Verschraegen from the University of Vienna, and Professor Elena Bargelli from the University of Pisa presented their critical analyses of the draft template of the Model Agreement for Married Couples.

The event also featured a round table discussion entitled “International couples in the EU – How to improve their legal situation?” with participation by some of the national correspondents of the project as well as a representative of the European Commission and of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice.

Other important issues, such as jurisdiction and applicable law with relation to registered partnerships and informal couple relationships, were presented and discussed.

The aim of the Workshop was to present the first results of the ELI project to the wider public, to receive constructive criticism concerning the initial outputs of the project as well as to further deliberate on the possibilities of improving the legal situation of international couples in the EU.

The goal of the ELI project Empowering European Families - Towards More Party Autonomy in European Family and Succession Law is to reduce obstacles faced by international families and to facilitate free movement of citizens by providing better certainty and predictability of results and reducing the costs of litigation in matters of family and succession law. It also aims at promoting the use of family mediation in the EU.

You can find the agenda of the Workshop here.