The 1st Working Group meeting of Workstream 3 was successfully concluded


The experts of the Working Group met in Utrecht to proceed with their work on the Empowering European Families project, which will be reaching its midpoint by the end of this year.

The first Working Group meeting of Workstream 3, which at the same time was this year’s last one, was held at the University of Utrecht from the 14th-16th of December.

The focus of this meeting was the drafting of a questionnaire for Workstream 3 concerning informal couple relationships. Mostly it deals with its substantive law aspects in the different EU Member States as well as possibilities to conclude cohabitation agreements in line with the different national legislations.

The Working Group was able to finalise this questionnaire, which will be sent out to the National Correspondents of all Member States at the beginning of next year. Furthermore a final version of the model templates concerning choice of court and choice of law for married couples and registered partners was approved, whereby Workstream 1 could officially be concluded. The model information sheet was revised and a detailed roadmap for the further progress of Workstream 2 was established.

The Working Group may thus look back on a successful and productive year 2016 and will usher in the new EEF year with the 2nd Working Group meeting of Workstream 2. This  will be held from 18th-20th January in Vienna.

In the meantime, the EEF Team would like to wish everyone a merry festive season and a prosperous New Year!