The 4th Working Group meeting of Workstream 1 will take place in Utrecht from 6th-8th November


In November the Empowering European Families Working Group is about to meet again. This meeting will be the last one of Workstream 1, which is mainly focusing on private international law in family related issues, specifically dealing with marriages, registered partnerships and informal couple relationships.

The aim of this last Working Group meeting is to finalize the model templates concerning (i) choice of court, (ii) choice of applicable law, and possibly (iii) submission to family mediation. The idea is that the model templates will provide guidance and legal certainty in particular in cross-border divorce or separation cases. There will be specific model templates for each relationship types: married couples, registered partners as well as informal cohabitants. With this limited set of recommended solutions, the aim is to reduce private international law complexities in respect of divorce, matrimonial property, maintenance and pensions.

We are very much looking forward to the outcome of the meeting.