The EEF project presented at the ELI Annual Conference


The European Law Institute’s (ELI) Annual Conference took place from 6-8 August in Vienna and hosted a variety of high-ranking professionals from a wide-range of legal and other vocational backgrounds from all over Europe and beyond. Panels presenting the various projects which ELI has embarked on in different fields of European law matters, amongst which was the EEF project, were held in front of an interested audience.

The EEF project was presented by the two project coordinators, Wendy Schrama and Christiane Wendehorst, on the third day of the conference, which took place on the premises of the Vienna Law Faculty. Both described in detail the outcomes of Workstreams 1 and 2, which the working group had been able to produce, arousing a great deal of appreciation amongst the experts in the audience for what had been done so far in this difficult field of law. The panel was chaired by family law expert, Elena Bargelli, who is a Professor of Private Law at the University of Pisa and Chair of the ELI Members Consultative Committee. She stressed the importance of the project due to the various uncertainties that currently exist in these family law matters on an international level. Christiane Wendehorst spoke, amongst others, about future dissemination plans and the wish of a broad access to the agreements drafted for inter-European couples: “Awareness raising is one of the most crucial objectives of the project”. Wendy Schrama summarised that the outcomes that had been produced so far were “a very important step, but there is still a long way to go”, possibly contemplating another future project in the field.

The EEF team is currently working on the national reports of Workstream 3 and is drafting a model agreement for informal couple relationships. This agreement and further results from the EEF project will be presented at the final public workshop on 30 November and 1 December at the ERA in Trier.