The first meeting of the Working Group


The Project Empowering European Families kicked off in Vienna today. So far the Working Group has been set up and started organising the first steps of the project.

The aim of the project is to create European model dispositions, agreements and information sheets that will reduce the complexity and uncertainty that international couples in the EU are faced with. The project is organised into three Workstreams, which will produce one-stop shop solutions for married couples (Workstream 1), registered partners (Workstream 2) and individuals in informal relationships (Workstream 3).

This interesting project will no doubt simplify life for many of the 16 million international couples in the EU and help European citizens better enjoy their freedom of movement, without unnecessary obstacles.

On 11 January the Group had its first working meeting in Vienna, where they finalised the Questionnaire for Workstream 1, concerning Choice of Court, Choice of Law, Submission to Family Mediation. The Questionnaire was sent to national correspondents all over Europe.