Upcoming Event: Joint Conference on new matrimonial and partnership property Regulations


The ELI project on Empowering European Families: Towards More Party Autonomy in European Family and Succession Law is soon coming to an end. The final ELI Instrument will be voted upon by the ELI Council and the General Assembly by the end of 2018. The completion of the project is timely, in light of the entry into force of two new Regulations on matrimonial property regimes and the property consequences of registered partnerships respectively on 29 January 2019.

The ELI and the Austrian Notariatskammer will therefore be organising a public event on 29 January 2019 at the Notariatskammer in Vienna to disseminate the outcome of the ELI project and raise awareness about the two new EU Regulations.


Please save the date! Note that the event is free of charge. The tentative agenda can be found here