Workstream 3 in its final stage


Working group members of the project “Empowering European Families” met in Utrecht from 22nd – 24th October 2017 for the eleventh time to deliberate and finalize draft agreement documents and information sheets for informal couples, registered partners and married spouses.

“Empowering European Families” is reaching its final phase and the hard work of the members to the Working Group is paying off as preliminary results show. At the last meeting, which was the third and penultimate of Workstream 3, the experts were successful in making substantial progress in elaborating the template for Informal couple relationships. In the meantime all prior documents have been revised and brought into line with one another. All these documents are now in their final consultation phase and are thus being revised by all Working Group and Advisory Committee members yet again. Next, these results will be presented at the public Conference, which will take place within the framework of the ERA in Trier before being officially disseminated.

If you are interested in attending the Conference, you will find the detailed programme here. For registration, use the registration form of the programme and send it to Tomasz Dudek - project officer at the European Law Institute. (The registration fee of €75 includes dinner and lunches).