Project leaders

Katharina Boele-Woelki

Katharina Boele-Woelki (Netherlands) is a leading family law expert in Europe. She is the initiator and chair of the Commission on European Family Law (CEFL) founded in 2001, which is the only network of family lawyers in Europe and includes experts from all EU Member States. Through the CEFL, Boele-Woelki can involve experienced National Correspondents and draw on extensive comparative material concerning property relations between spouses and cohabitants.

Wendy Schrama

Wendy Schrama (Netherlands) is a leading family law expert in the Netherlands. She is professor of family law at Utrecht University and head of the Utrecht research group on family law (UCERF). She has extensive expertise of informal cohabitation.

Christiane Wendehorst

Christiane Wendehorst (Austria) who has initially developed the project brings to the team in-depth expertise of contracts including pre-nuptial agreements, optional instruments (such as CESL), and conflict of laws. She is a member of the International Research Group on Comparative Succession Law and one of the initiators and currently President of the ELI.

Members of the Working Group

Anne Barlow (UK) is a leading expert in family law with particular expertise in the law of cohabitations.

Kerstin Bartsch (Germany) is Senior Legal Officer at the Hague Conference on Private International Law  with special expertise in family mediation.

Margareta Brattström and Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg (Sweden) are leading experts in family law with particular expertise in the law of pension rights (M. Brattström) and private international law (M. Jänterä-Jareborg).

Pedro Carrión García de Parada (Spain) is a practising civil law notary and chairs the family law working group of CNUE.

Mark Harper (UK) is a solicitor specialized in issues of jurisdiction and cross-border family litigation; he is President of the European branch of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IMAL).

Matthias Neumayr (Austria) is a judge at the Austrian Supreme Court and professor of law at Salzburg University with particular expertise in family law and cross-border family litigation.

Eve Põtter (Estonia) was a high-ranking government official for many years and has deep insight in lawmaking in matters of family and succession law at national and European level.

François Tremosa (France) is a practising civil law notary and chairs the succession law working group of CNUE.

Members of the Advisory Committee

Tim Amos QC

Josep Ferrer-Riba

Richard Frimston

Magdalena Habdas

Francisco Javier Jimenez Munoz

Matthias Klein

Dieter Martiny

Vesna Rijavec

Tone Sverdrup

Alexandra Thomas

Alain Laurent Verbeke

National Correspondents

Austria: Marianne Roth

Belgium: Thalia Kruger and Frederik Swennen

Bulgaria: Velina Todorova

Croatia: Ines Medić and Branka Rešetar

Cyprus: Nikitas Hatzimihail

Czech Republic: Milana Hrusaková and Lenka Westphalova

Denmark: Ingrid Lund-Andersen and Annette Kronborg and José María Lorenzo Villaverde

England and Wales: Anne Barlow and Richard Frimston

Estonia: Karin Sein and Triin Uusen-Nacke

Finland: Salla Silvola and Pekka Tuunainen

France: Sabine Corneloup and Vincent Egea and Walter Jean-Baptiste and Laure Stark

Germany: Nina Dethloff and Dieter Martiny

Greece: Elina N. Moustaira

Hungary: Orsolya Szeibert

Ireland: Geoffrey Shannon

Italy: Maria Donata Panforti

Latvia: Anna Skrjabina and Irena Kucina

Lithuania: Inga Kudinavičiūtė-Michailovienė

Luxembourg: Michel Neyens

Malta: Christine Bellizzi and Francesca Portelli

Poland: Agnieszka Frąckowiak-Adamska and Joanna Kosińska-Wiercińska and Jacek Wierciński

Netherlands: Wendy Schrama

Portugal: Guilherme de Oliveira

Romania: Ioana Olaru

Scotland: Jane Mair

Slovakia: Robert Dobrovodsky

Slovenia: Barbara Novak

Spain: Cristina González Beilfuss and Monica Navarro-Michel

Sweden: Margareta Brattström and Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg

Project Assistance and Support

Karolina Palmowska

Donna Stockenhuber

Vanessa Wilcox